zondag 17 maart 2013

Bob Ross Landscape Painting

Bob Ross Landscape Painting in the wet on wet oil painting technique.
Every week we have a Bob Ross landscape workshop. Dag or afternoon.
On request we also offer private or group lessons.

Also perfect for companies and / or bachelor parties.For more info please call 010-4353660 or 06-38278274 or email info@studio-fatamorgana.nl

see our website www.studio-fatamorgana.nl Bob Ross page-agenda for the planned workshop dates.

Bob Ross landscape workshop with a friendly price

Bob Ross landscape painting with a discount! On Sunday afternoon 5 th of april 2013 between 1-5 P.M  at studio Fata Morgana in Vlaardingen we have a  Bob Ross landscape painting workshop. You can now follow this workshop with a hefty korting.you will  make a full 30x40cm oil painting in one afternoon ,this way you can get acquainted with this incredibly fun technique, even though you have never painted in your life, you always go home with a beautiful painting.You will be accompanied by a certified teacher in this technique.
The price of the workshop will be € 29,00
Including all of the materials. Coffee and tea.

Registration for the workshop is required.

P.K.Drossaarstraat 13 3131PA Vlaardingen

e-mail : info@studio-fatamorgana.nl

NEW! Step by Step Mural Painting Guide for Beginners

Attention .... Book news!
Order the latest book about the making of Murals. 
Step by Step Mural Guide for Beginners
In this comprehensive guide it tells you all about how you can make a professional  Mural step by step.
This guide will take you thru the whole process of painting from the time you put down the ladder, untill the minute you put the finishing glaze on, at the end of the proces. Just read one chapter, watch this chapter on the DVD... paint, and go on to the next chapter. This guide helps you tru the whole painting process.
Inclusief are 2 dvd's and an audio CD. On the 1 hour DVD's you will find instructions for the making of 2 windows with a vieuw. 
All you have to do is practice!

The Step by Step Mural Painting Guide, two DVD + Audio CD can be ordered now. 
Price € 34.50 + € 8.00 postage TNT. Total € 42.50 (europa)

To order send an email to nelie.meininger @ gmail.com with all your data, We will notify you when the book will be sent. (appr.10days)
The guide is only available in Dutch at the moment.
You can also make an appointment to pick up the book in the studio.
010-4353660 or send an e-mail to ..
See you in the studio!
Nelie Meininger 010-4353660 06-38278274

Gary Jenkins Tea rose painting class

Gary Jenkins tea rose painting  On Sunday afternoon february 3 between 1-4 p.m we have an introductory workshop painting roses in the wet in wet oil painting technique of Gary Jenkins, this painter can be seen weekly on Max TV  between 3:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. .

You will create two small tearoses on a 30x40cmcanvas  with some green leaves around it.

 You will be accompanied by a certified teacher in this Jenkins technique. After that you can take you finished painting home.

Studio Fata Morgana

P.K Drossaartstreet 13 .

Please call or mail us for an appointment

Technical questions painting....

Have you got any technical questions about any painting technic. Feel free to ask me here...

zaterdag 18 augustus 2012

Gary Jenkins technic painting flowers

In 2012 in Germany, I obtained my certificate jenkins art teacher. They were very nice weeks there with Gary, and I've also learned a lot. already   achieved my diploma Bob Ross already  in the flower technique, but this is not known to the general public, but Gary Jenkins and his wife Katwren have a weekly show on Netherlands 2 OmroepMax TV in between 14:30-15:00 hr.
I now give next Bob Ross landscape (and other workshops) ... also the Gary Jenkins Flower technique. You can click on the website www.studio-fatamorgana.nl   look for the Gary jenkins page, and on the agenda for the scheduled classes.
See you there!
info@studio-fatamorgana.nl 31+10-4353660 or 06-38278274 www.studio-fatamorgana.nl